Arriving at the decision to make a major change in living arrangements is a significant and emotional adjustment for the client and his or her family.  Often, such moves entail a reduction in living space and many treasured objects simply cannot be accommodated in the new residence.

Smooth Transitions Florida East Coast can work with you and your family to make this process more manageable.  Change is seldom easy or without anxiety.  From the initial planning to the day of the move, we coordinate and assist with move planning, sorting, downsizing, decluttering, estate sales and more to ensure that nothing is forgotten.  Although we specialize in “Senior Moves”, we also offer our comprehensive move management services to non-seniors and the disabled. 

Our services are always personalized to the individual needs and concerns of the client, and we can do as much or as little as they desire. We take care of the things that our clients and their family members can’t or don’t want to do.  It can mean a consulting session for those who choose to do all or some of the work themselves, to having us take care of each step of the move from start to finish.

Smooth Transitions Florida East Coast Available Services

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