Aging-In-Place and Universal Design
Planning and Project Management


South Florida and Treasure Coast Certified Aging In Place Specialist - CAPSBecause people today are living longer and enjoying more active lives, and because so many of them have discovered that remaining in their current home has tremendous benefits for them, they have embraced Aging In Place and Universal Design as a lifestyle concept.

As Certified Aging In Place Specialists, we work with all segments of the Aging In Place demographic, designing and facilitating plans that accommodate our clients' essential needs and life skills and allowing for maximum quality of life and enjoyment in the space.

Our clients include Seniors (with or without limiting conditions), the Special Needs population, and individuals of any age or ability who desire to remain independent, safe and comfortable in their homes as they age.

Aging-In-Place & Universal Design PlanningTypical Aging-In-Place & Universal Design Clients include:

Non-Urgent Need Client: this group represents the majority of people, who generally require simple renovations in their home to facilitate accessibility, visitability, and age-related vision or hearing impairment;

Progressive Based Condition: this group represents those with a chronic disease, limitation or impairment that does not improve over time and usually intensifies. Solutions include modifications in the home to assist with mobility, accessibility, and the activities of daily living;

Traumatic Needs Condition: this group represents people suffering from a condition such as TBI or other sudden onset situations that often requires home improvements to allow them to function well within their living space.

  • Review and assess current home (or planned future space) and formulate a plan which adapts that space to meet the clients evolving and future needs, with the goal to maintain the maximum quality of life going forward.
  • Working with client and family/loved ones, we collaboratively plan a custom environment for the client - in which the space is functional, organized to the client’s needs and preferences, and easy and safe for the client to navigate and maintain. Our goal in this planning is to allow the client to confidently and safely “age-in-place”
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